Friday, July 5, 2013

Where's My Money?

Tracks, oversourcing, collection agencies, newly or duely purpose server.  IPTV price/postings are the primer of all Internet domains.  Reaching Intradays and little to nothing market platforms, proven to be a drag under government bonds or municipal sell offs of brick, concrete, roads and events not aired.  It's marketing purpose and technical assistance is another sex before marriage.  Greeting a demand so impossible to desk.  That viewers rely on simple head to head contacts or mind control techniques to accomplish.  Stocks', Mutual Fundings, Metal, Commodities and other important registers of all these trades?  An operators' hits counter or regulated percents, shows a "Tube" and "National Averages", a console or again an array of prints.  Links to traffic websites or "Tablets", announcing a sell off to add to clarity and quality server for the asking.  Is operations at  it peaks of unregulated statutes of State and Federal?  Watching welfare catch a break and again.  Compare it's markets to evaluate in service, a hourly projection of closes, Terrorism, Racism, Fair Value and Millions in debt?

All segments of "Internet Protocol has been a success at it's start.  Charting a channel that virtually includes weather, Traffic Reports, IRS's Taxable Informercials and Lectures, that few would admit to.   Finding at $13.75 (price of money or stocks), a closing percent before markets start another day or segment a clock, 1,000.00% in closing with fanfare and pictures.  That reminds both Presidents, why you bought the thing in the first place?   Nothing to the imagination of "Quarterly" gains and finding once more, $1,025.00% of what can I ask for besides some "Gay Sex" to close this business and move on with life?

esp.  Matrixes confuses "Governmnent Employees", 52weeks high and lows, or "We install them with antiviral cream and soap for the takes."  Isn't IPTV's prime operations and first to "Broadcast" the Deaths of Bin Laden and the "World Trade Center" on associating furtures markets of technology for the next twenty years?   Personally, I like to watch some televison.  Namely research and development is the only thing libraries provide.  OTC markets and other known intergers do have the same type of numerical posts.  Reflecting a yes or no to all for one cash or download a podcast and prepare  "Live" the economy stupids.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Official Internet Startup and I Quit!

Where metal attached to receipts or materials that aren't trash and never before yielded economical to return these for cash.   A business receives what it can for one way trips on a subway access route in Atlanta, Georgia.   Additional or selective content to assist stock's interest and product, asking in taxes or Employee Identification Number converted to reflect the volume?   Sole Proprietorship in regards to all legal parameters in "Live" or reality platforms of trading some of the pennies adding in dividend for yearly closes?   The questions remains in "Blogger" and "Traffic" in International posts in discretions?   Sales figures and stolen or lost items without record.  No data, no off audience, 1 0.2876 Internet Products and Serviced goods?   Pricing Matrix and analysis has one stolen Georgia ID Card with photos, since advertising the designs.   Counters two additional mail order debit cards, referencing, one order inquiry and member Equifax fraud alert counters.   Showing merchants in good standings with FDIC and uninsured carrier of VISA, Inc. and MasterCard stock quotations.  This activity hasn't been replicated in areas where Dollar finds in Mutual or Futures commodities,  analyzes 25% -  28%,  33% - 35% and 39% - 50.1% of small business promotions for IPTV in seven years.   

Stock SymbolQuantity: Number of SharesPurchase PriceMost Recent PriceChange in Price Since YesterdayGreen = Price is Higher than yesterday
Red = Lower
Current Value of Your StockCurrent Profit of Your Stock (without commissions)Current Profit PercentageClick to Sell

SymQtyEntryLastChgValueGain $%!
ALL 1 43.19 46.02 -0.03 46.02 2.83 6.6% SELL
FICO 1 44.51 44.34 0.10 44.34 -0.17 -0.4% SELL
FMCC 1 0.2885 0.2840 -0.01 0.28 -0.00 -1.6% SELL
IPTV 6 0.0100 0.0100 0.00 0.06 0.00 0.0% SELL
IPTV 2 0.0100 0.0100 0.00 0.02 0.00 0.0% SELL
MA 1 519.42 517.82 2.63 517.82 -1.60 -0.3% SELL
V 1 159.84 158.64 -1.23 158.64 -1.20 -0.8% SELL
VXX 1 24.01 23.97 0.70 23.97 -0.04 -0.2% SELL
WFC 2 35.09 35.08 -0.05 70.16 -0.02 -0.0% SELL
XLF 2 17.76 17.59 -0.03 35.18 -0.34 -1.0% SELL

SymQtyEntryLastChgValueGain $%!
ALL 1 43.19 46.02 -0.03 46.02 2.83 6.6% SELL
FICO 1 44.51 44.34 0.10 44.34 -0.17 -0.4% SELL
FMCC 1 0.2885 0.2840 -0.01 0.28 -0.00 -1.6% SELL
IPTV 6 0.0100 0.0100 0.00 0.06 0.00 0.0% SELL
IPTV 2 0.0100 0.0100 0.00 0.02 0.00 0.0% SELL
MA 1 519.42 517.82 2.63 517.82 -1.60 -0.3% SELL
V 1 159.84 158.64 -1.23 158.64 -1.20 -0.8% SELL
VXX 1 24.01 23.97 0.70 23.97 -0.04 -0.2% SELL
WFC 2 35.09 35.08 -0.05 70.16 -0.02 -0.0% SELL

2 17.76 17.59 -0.03 35.18 -0.34 -1.0% SELL

Re:  April 4th, 2013

City of Atlanta, Arrest Citation  Receipt #2115122
Incident/CICA Number #130870789

Solicitor General for the Fulton County, State of Georgia - Criminal Trespass and Theft By Taking

O.C.G.A.  16-8-2, 16-7-21a - Accused  or Misdemeanor as malicious interference with the possession to use as property to wit.  Cooper Pipe without said owner's consent contrary to the laws of this State.  Damage to three copper pipes worth One Hundred and Ten Dollars by bending itself and placing into a blue cart to transport to a scrap yard?  The intent with crew present, to cause or steal metal from victim owner plumbing locator?
Surveys or queries in operations since 2007:
Atlanta, GA    1.3 – 3.3% (Second rate quote in operation, $227 million?)
$140,325.00?   Single Payroll Exempt?  $82,250.00 – $171,550.00
Day Trading:  Dollar Weighted Call/Put Ratio  [2013]  
Corresponding Patriot Act of 2001 and public law to title in asking $3500.00 - $7524.97, regulatior provider affiliate is listed at the bottom line and not attached to sale any distributor the rights of the Internet and its production to television?   Attaching street address or IP networking supervision and Board of Governors takes on "Foreign Banks" maintaining English respondences, company held in trading or exchanging counter products for annual compound interest rates at $0.10.   The perfect balances has stated net income to IPTV, priced at $0.01. RELEASE PAY and Marta ( or 404-848-5000 transports an operator to all locations of IP, not sole purpose to economize regional plates of Internet and Foreign Stock Exchange without government approval for bank. An abrupt of services was held for the holidays, with strict call in rule to sectional debates or forum community in Billions, to add in debt Master Card #5424 9650 2133 5741, PIN 5741, member in ABA or money fund routers for another successful content provider year in closing?
  • W-2s {Employee Identification Number 80-0120261] Estimator, tax levy $14,380.16
  • Forms 1099-G [IPTV Compensation Program and Program Enrollee Deposit]
  • Forms 1099-INT, 1099-OID, bank statements [$0.01 Stock Quote aired and borrower]
  • Forms 1099-MISC, records for business or side job income and expenses [Sole Proprietorship, business service and products]
  • Records for your rental and royalty property income and expenses [First Tech, Home Appraiser Programee]
  • Schedules K-1 [Cash Purchases and Debit Routers, -$8.25]
  • Forms 1099-DIV [[Enrolled EFTPS, 1/29/2013]
  • Forms 1099-B, records with gain or loss on sales of stocks or property [Fiduicary, First Benefitiary Brent Roberson-Parents Deceased]
  • Forms 1099-R, CSA 1099-R, CSF 1099-R [HIV Test Portal - Negative]
  • Forms RRB-1099, RRB-1099-R [Six year annual request for returns]
  • Forms SSA-1099 [CAD Design and Computer Operator, Credit Score 572, $3501.00]
  • W-2Gs, records of other gambling income [Information Technology reach to "Live" Television, $13,775,728.00]
  • Information on any other income received in 2012 [code or fill in 977793.1 + 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 of $13,775,728.00]

    Esignal Member and Bullentin Board for OTCBB:
  • Customer Number: 3042190
    Account Maintenance Password: 757005RBB

  • Note: $0.10 reached a share or the actual bid of this version online delivery service registering live networks of IPTV. NYSE: IPTV $0.01 ABA Routing Number to monitor the account, Debit Services. Fund manager references or affiliate Esignal broker, priced in linkage or posted to writeups in historical starts of library computers? Counter expiration requests marks October 2, 2014, an individual ineligibility to report homelessness in a record year, 2013?

    Thursday, January 31, 2013

    2013, Taxable Income or Lost in Space

    Flash card debit amounts numbering $1,000,000.00 or the Internal Revenue Services' [1099-K] for beginning investors benched at $20,000.00?    A variety of firms do not estimate the time in markets.  To directly deposit and enroll at the right minute?   Social Media with taxable income, starts by stating to clients.  Yearly closing of 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012, recognizes an extension of mortgage securities.   Primary markets of OTC, marks an Internet Starter at $0.001 or 1/2% of uncirculated currencies of $10,000.00.   IPTV's market strategy has begun to capitalize on earnings undisclosed.

    Indices and their personal composites to ESignal's pricings, contentionably gathers $906.33 of it's portfolios partners, to agree on some terms of closures?   ALL, DELL, FICO, FMCC, IPTV, MA, RIMM, S, SIRI, V, VXX and WFC do respond to gains and activities in market quotas of one, two and a thousand in volume for a seven year stretch?   Top Analysts or coverages in the field of Telecommunications, Cloud Computing, Internet Security, Defense, Infrastructures to Highway and Bridges, Homeownership and Small Business in Executive Summaries.  Do commit to a more stronger or electric grid, recognizing a leverage.   In generating the likely gain of +3.02 of all DOW, NASDAQ, S&P 500 and newly researched Russell 2000.

    Momemtum and it's cousin in volumes, summarizes consumer confidence Indexing at 572.  A computer operator's scorecard orAmerica's Consumer Alerts to security freezed analysis.   Gathering Equifax and three rating agencies and one twelve month limit on insuring $1,000,000.00 or $1000.00 per week.   Both lost wages and aggregate functioning of firm and personal financing.   Consideration of one disclaimer in cash as Terror?   The calculator or calculations of monetary necessities rates cash as -2.76 in marketplaces?   Being analymously closed and fixed for a season is being positioned at $0.001, a slight decline to any Internet and it's reach to "Live" Televison.

    Friday, December 7, 2012

    YTD, Christmas Day!

    Primary interest in eSignal Affiliate Program is to become an initial investor, to co-Prime or Prime Lender applicants and Business Startups.  All  preferred contact methods has been email marketed selection of key incentives to advertise.  Following contacts and Political Action Committees, with Republican organizations sharing analysis for at least six years.   Conditions of monetary policy or Money Markets $0.01, earning taxation's probate and community, to scale a degree of supplying only personal information of customer/client server.  The communications abrupted by no approvals from FCC, Federal Communications Commission, mandates managerial claims of broadcast in systems of reserving, all users in program directions' and supplemental care for every Black American.

    Feedbacks and questionaires during key debates in Wall Street earnings of stock and viewerships, describes a study application or service?   Content and aggregator provider in networks of "Live" Internet Protocol addressing, "Television", Interfacing and End User Support.   Technical information on how much to charge for your study / service?    Websites and present operations, Servicing, Marketing, target markets of Housing Indexes, Automated Tellers, Credit Bureaus, Data Entries to Pilot Broadband, Government Project and Manager.   Charts' oscillating MASD, Bandwidth, Bollinger, Moving Averages, Productivity, Money Flows and other key indicators of markets.  Annually yield the years providing products and services.   Approximately how many current users do you have?   Entries or walkins to sleeve, unfiltered software and data vendors in digital domains of CPU and monitor.

    What other types of financial services or products do you currently provide?   What are your promotional plans to market your study / service?   Provider a fresh and new media, includes building fund management and telecasts.   How do you plan to promote eSignal as part of your service?   On 24 hours per day, as an Electronic Commerce or Electrical Circuit to Satellite CAD Design, E-approvals, circuits' Stock quotes of DOW, NASDAQ, AMEX, S&P 500, Internet Commerce Indexing, research and suppport.

    Referral:  Educator/Seminar - Case Number, CIM 00003525604   Federal Communication Commission,
    Customer Number: 3042190
    Account Maintenance Password: 757005RBB

    CME Group Fee-Waived Globex Data
    We have partnered with a number of brokers and the CME to waive the normal CME Globex exchange fees as long as a set number of requirements are met. Visit us online to learn about this exciting new program:


    Wednesday, November 14, 2012

    ESignal, Owes Me

    Sixteen pair currency trades within YTD, annuals with interest rates constant for five years.  The strategy of signalling market conceptions,  stems from experiences training Army Field Manual with inclusion dates, while on active duty.  Time periods to install light Microwavable or Sphere communication systems, companied with Satellite, Land-Lines, Cellular, Mobility, Elecrical Circuitry and wires' undeveloped  phones were important.  Dialing properties or General Electrics' Defense contracting begin investments, to a great degree.  All types of material were at our disposal.  No known market segments created to dispatch, alert and dispatch RIMM or eye. 

    In researching everything that's available to library usuage.  Information not designed to package help desk and customer complaints.  Removing much of personnel from active trades in entry.  Job markets inquest to personnel applies training in satisfaction office.  Novice computer repair incorporates anyone left in markets to solve and Act.  Prepartions for hiring Afro-American men is an unbelief.  Historially proven to be not paroled, as corrections of man-made disasters per capita prompts a view of an Internet.  Primarily, technologies role in everyday life is just cash.  Institutional buying of all properties can't be without known dividends of information.

    The stretches of disclaimed information printed electronically for reading quotes, advanced communications, modern warfare and pre-market minutes is confusing for some.   Can major indices provide technical fixtures to unscalable infrastructures, in construction?   First and farthest to reach television with the intent to turn profits.  Share ideas and let the Internet determine if emerging technologies are permittance or continuation of market funds.  Storing all sensitive data includes degrees, provisional text, Java and IBM or machine talk.   From a stand point networking or administered profiteering isn't as lawless, as some Americans' retainable taxes.  Hours are important, scheduling points from another administrative or multiples within composite.  Records six years,  the day the computer broadcast "bubbles", Y2K, 401(k), firers because of revenues earning stock, orders to porfolio management and preexisting S&P 500, 'til undegreeable retirees settle the cases.

    Saturday, October 13, 2012

    Averaging First Value

    Spectrum Standards set in commerce for television, radio, IP networking, switches of telephone or customer servicing administered with technical questioning, discloses as information?  Bandwidths or Minimum Keying and requirements to National Telecommunications emissions, calculates a signals' power to correspond some type of aggregate function.  The noise of music or audio with silent communications in breaks.  Systematically progagates as much data to propritary models across the globe.  Here's an operations first lesson on licensing;

    IP Physical Layers and Packets
    Active FTTP or Point to Point
    Local Loops of Bandwidths and Central Office to Subscriber
    Reaches in Identifying Fiber Optics
    Reaches in Identifying IP Networks with Addresses
    Reaches in Identifying Antennae, Channel Dials
    Reaches in Identifying Receptions, Waves, Spheres
    Reaches in Identifying Signal Paths, Binary Communications
    Reaches in Identifying "Live" Television Sourcings
    Difference in Sourcing or Sorting Data
    Software, Tabuation or Tagging Control Panels in IPTV User Planes
    2006, Analysis or Fielding Operations On-Air or Over The Air
    Configuation Diagrams from Feeds to Satellite
    Channel Identifications
    Primer Test-Bedding for Engineers and Network Administrators
    STB, Set Top Box, Consumer Premise Equipment
    Sourcing IP Adresseing in Bits, Stations in South Florida
    Reaches in Identifying Computer and Sphere
    IPTV Operator's Physical Layer
    Estimated Time or Time Zones in Changes
    Estimated Time or Time Zones in Synchronizations
    Estimated Time or Time Zones for ON and OFF
    Flow Charts of Hardware and Measurements
    Mega, Sig, Hertz, Busses, Processor, Bauds, Modem, Channel, Electrical Flow or Current, Diagrams, Sync Loss
    Certifying A Telecommunications Carrier Lab
    Radio Frequency DownLinks from South Florida
    Optimizations in Control Panels, IPTV Only
    DVB, Digital Video Broadcast   [DVB TR101 290]
    Fault Diagnosis in Video
    Fault Diagnosis in Video Signals
    Fault Diagnosis in Time Relay
    Fault Diagnosis in Transmission
    Fault Diagnosis in Converter
    Fault Diagnosis in Streams Engineering
    Fault Diagnosis in Alarms, Errors, Cookies, Freezes
    Fault Diagnosis in LEDs
    Fault Diagnosis in Indicators
    IP Packet Arrival Intervals
    IP Streams' Presentation Time Stamp
    Off-Air Content in IP Networks
    Radio Frequency Layers
    Colorimetry and Standards
    Radio Frequency Measures Basic Transmission
    RF Monitors, Digital Cliffs
    RF Bit-Error Rates
    RF Modulation Error Ratio
    RF Channel Utilization
    Server Technology in Broadcast
    Server Technology and Picture Quality
    Server Technology and Coding
    Server Technology and System Integrations
    Server Technology and Video File Server
    Media Delivery Indexes
    Video and Telecommunications Networks
    Managment and Diagnosis in Telecommunications Networks of IPTV
    Detections for Signal Domains
    Detections for Signal Degradation
    Detections for Signal Distributions
    Types of Identification Analysis in Delivery

    Short or long distance, fixed and mobile device in transmitting more zeros or programs.  To trading platforms in software as "Real Time" quotes of INTC, CSCO, MSFT, ORCL, DELL, SIRI, LUS, FITB, DRYS, BPOP, CMCSA, MRVL, QCM, YHOO, RIMM, and EBAY.  Promotions and advertising graphical user in places recording command "Live".

    Friday, August 24, 2012

    3 Day RSI at +1.8% of Harass

    Employment verifications or firm and it's difficulties in recording time in and out of markets. Payroll production for at least in asking for housing, productivity and excess, quota Black in say or share daily portfolios in question.  The favoring most cases the millionth, that it takes to bring profits. Underlying the risk involved by investing or managing shares dividend, prompt of focus. Every managerial care or judicial appointment, acquires forecast and projections that last the weeks ahead.  Calculating days upon calendar or primary focus of people, who need the access to govern more intakes than what the stock allows after a close.  A premature example of this is starting at a penny.  With no forecast or forecasting makeup, customary in relations.  Provide harsh yields insightfully dividing in tax authority to justice anywhere.  To profit in activity the right to share information, no matter how sensitive the topics are is nothing in demand of the rest.  Courts do the duty by adjourning a matter, civilized the tensions which measure a supply to handle claims of discrimination.  The size of an computer in a library is used to exhange.  One out of a thousandth of commodities, adding the measure to control the fixed to a degree.

    Each and every financials attached to an quote has a beginner touch to the old stuff hanging in balances.  Agricultural, metal, copper the floor of the exchanges and in behavior.  The motivation to not let an average.  Tightly affixed another plot or plan into view for the name say of futures.  An audience or systematic returns with percents, methods the machine language of all server communication to credit. Non-stop control and monitoring of related computer servers or service consumer in priority returns,  Retrieving in an old system inquires though phone or desk.  Which calculates per day, weeks of twenty-seven through fifty-two to occupy an address.  "The server computer may also provide a user interface with active links associated with credit terms".  Advantage or venture capital offering a focus to how in the world.  One to twenty-five can profit a consumer in communications.  Additional notifications or credit reports rates one numerical term or instrument enough in calculations.  But decodes historial databases with as much Black people hold in a day.  HIdden in some quotes or company earnings is product and demand.  Servicing or places into a cycle, tools which readmits electricity, current, circuit boards, designing propelling emmissions, traveling and fiber optics.  Prisms or based published incentive that one computer and it's hosts.  Transact to configure all the money for the masses.  Between retailers or supplies, the burden or respect of this type is foreign in demand within a coin of earnings.  Incorporating the market caps, lows of the wee, standard deviations, weighted alpha or omega, completions in close is still watching local and international newsposts.  Evening projections of firm isn't telecast nor secrets to share as much, what each person does in a day.

    Proper analytics written or broadcasting the effectiveness of a service depends on an economy?   Factors in receiving confidence, banks or businesses share in recovery or risk a sex more inclined, five or nine times to the year at the start. E-commerce or Esignal an indicator for week one, January 12th, 2007 to week four-hundred and eighty.  August 24th, 2012, retracing the placement that unemployment gains in review or Fridays?